Plant Construction

From the idea to the commissioning

Are you looking for a reliable partner regarding the planning, construction and assembly of entire production plants? Or would you like to integrate a new facility into your existing production plant? On the basis of several years of experience, we support you professionally in the construction and / or expansion of your individual plant – from the idea via the implementation to the final commissioning. By doing so, we focus on highest quality, flexibility, accelerated processes and pursuance of project goals on time. The result is an efficient, durable plant that exactly meets your requirements.

Our core competences

New construction & expansion of individual facilities

Skid manufacturing

Package Units

New construction & Extension of individual plants

As general contractor (GC) we are your reliable partner for process engineering, material procurement, cooperation with partner companies as well as project management and the fixing of important dates.

PPQ (Planning, Project coordination, Qualification) – this is the name of our proven concept with which we provide all-round support relating to your plant.

Speaking of individual plants hereby refers to welded plants at the customer’s site, without any pre-assembly. Especially the extensions of existing plants are welcome challenges for our team.

Skid fabrication

The skid fabrication is not carried out on the construction site, but in a workshop under ideal welding conditions with the highest degree of welding quality, dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Here, functional units (such as valve clusters, pump groups, etc.) are assembled on a base frame.

Frequently, the cabling and pneumatics are also implemented in the skid and routed to a terminal box or remote I/O. The pre-assembled skids are delivered to the construction site, where they are then integrated into the individual system.

Here too, we are reliable GC.

Package Units

Package Units are the combination of skid production with integrated load and control cabinet. The package unit includes a control cabinet with the complete electrical engineering, pneumatics and automation technology.

The automation technology can include visualization, recipe control, batch protocol, remote maintenance or a domain connection, and others.

This is our supreme discipline.