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GMP for machines

Attention machine manufacturers: We provide GMP for machines As a machine manufacturer, do you supply machines for the production of pharmaceuticals, active ingredients or even cosmetics, food and feed? In these industries, quality assurance using GMP qualification plays not only…

Straight to the optimal solution

Highest quality standards, cutting-edge industry knowledge and a comprehensive product portfolio – as a reliable Siemens Solution Partner for many years, we offer the perfect automation solution for every customer-specific requirement. Through regular certification workshops and audits according to globally uniform standards, we have broad manufacturer know-how as well as proven project experience.

Success through top quality

Changing framework conditions, new technologies and constantly changing markets require innovative solutions for automation and control technology. To ensure that our customers always have the latest knowledge, we continuously focus on efficient training and further education measures as well as…

Bring light speed to Automation

A manufacturer of pharmaceutical-optical products wanted to expand his production by installing several new manufacturing units. In this case, the signal exchange between the different units should be ensured via an internal fail-safe network. The task was challenging, but resolvable. You just have to be open-minded for a technology that is still quite unusual in this field: fibre-optic cables for the internal communication.

Emergency stop boosts Innovation

Simply putting a plant “on hold” instead of shutting it off, restarting production faster while taking all safety precautions – this is possible with a network of fibre optics and Siemens fail-safe control. In the pharmaceutical and chemical production, but also in the beverage, agricultural and cosmetics industry, the problem is known and feared. If e.g. a solvent is escaping and there is a risk of fire, the emergency stop button is pressed.