Construction of a Fibre Optics Network

In order to be optimally prepared for future growth, a manufacturer of optical products commissioned Lehmann Engineering GmbH to set up a plant-wide communication for the distribution of solvents – from the tank farm to several consumption points. The objectives were, among others, flexible expandability of the site within the next 10 years, greater transparency through clear process monitoring, secure communication, fast access and easy integration of future subsystems.


The task of Lehmann Engineering GmbH was the development of a tailor-made concept as well as the basic and detailed planning. For this purpose, the overall design was specified in a detailed scheme, the components were defined and the User Requirements Specification (URS) was created. For the realization of the project, the manufacturer requested several providers for quotes and compared them.


Following the award of contract, Lehmann Engineering GmbH took over the Site management, Project coordination and the Qualification. The implementation of the Optical Fibres Network guarantees a secure and faster communication. The processes are now transparent and very clear, allowing faster access and increasing the productivity of the plant. Due to the simple integration of future subsystems, the expansion of the site is possible at any time.

Advantages for our customer

For our customer, this solution was associated with many advantages. On the one hand, our customer had only Lehmann Engineering GmbH as reliable contact person for all questions and concerns. This was associated with enormous time savings for him, as he did not have to deal with the suppliers himself. On the other hand, the customer’s change requests could be implemented quickly and without complications due to the open and trusting communication with us.
We are also proud of the on-time completion of the customer’s project. Adherence to deadlines is our credo.

  • 11 solvent containers
  • 7 consumption points
  • 1,200m light wave extent
Investment amount
1.2 Million Euros
1 year