Construction of a new Wastewater Distillation

A global player in the pharmaceutical industry commissioned Lehmann Engineering GmbH with the construction of a new distillation plant for Propanol and MEK solvents. Without wastewater distillation, the use of an endless row of trucks would be necessary for the disposal of the spent, aqueous solvents. Thanks to the wastewater distillation, the solvents are deprived of water and the polluted solvents are then concentrated and properly disposed of.


The task of Lehmann Engineering GmbH was the creation of requirement specifications for the integration of the new technology into the Optical Fibres Network, the distillation and the installation of a day tank and truck tank farm. Of course, the entire technology is subject to the requirements of GMP and SIL as well as the applicable water legislation.


Lehmann Engineering GmbH was responsible for the necessary planning and tendering procedures regarding the disposal of the special waste solvents. Being part of the construction supervision, the GMP steps (e.g., FAT, SAT, IQ) have been integrated. The audits according to SIL and the requirements of explosion protection were carried out by SGS TÜV Saar GmbH (Technical Inspection Authority).
Conclusion: The project was implemented successfully even before the scheduled deadline and received great recognition from the SGS TÜV Saar GmbH.

Advantages for our customer

This project provided our customer with a cost-saving and forward-looking solution, especially by integrating the new technology into the fiber optic network.
Also in this project we are proud of the completion of the customer project even before the end of the planned deadline. Adherence to deadlines is our credo.

  • Above-ground tanks, 2 x 180×000 litres
  • Distillation as a package unit
Investment amount

2.8 Million Euros


8 months