Construction of a new Buffer Tank Farm

A manufacturer of the pharmaceutical industry commissioned Lehmann Engineering GmbH with the construction of a new buffer tank farm including truck supply for three premixed GMP solvents and two waste products. In addition, a day tank depot was integrated with two containers per medium. All media are subject to GMP requirements and explosion protection. The aim was to meet the increased demand for solvents and the associated increase in solvent waste.


The task of the Lehmann Engineering GmbH was the development of an automation solution for the plant-wide supply and disposal of all solvents – from the Idea via Planning up to the Implementation and final Qualification.


For maximum security and fast, high-quality transmission, Lehmann Engineering GmbH was in charge of the plant-wide implementation of a fibre-optic network in redundant ring form. All controls and visualizations of the respective units involved in the overall system have been planned. The operation of all processes takes place via a GMP-compliant client-server visualization network in which the entire controllers of the respective units are located.
Conclusion: Lehmann Engineering GmbH has successfully implemented the entire project, starting with the Planning via the Supervision during the construction phase and respective Project management up to the final GMP qualification.

  • Truck tank farm with ground containers according to Water Resources Act (WHG), 4 x 100,000 litres
  • Day tank depot above ground according to Water Resources Act (WHG),
    6 x 5,000 litres
Investment amount

1.5 Million Euros


2 years, several construction phases