Construction of a new Multipurpose plant

In the course of the development of further platinum-based medication and due to the increased demand for an antitumor preparation containing platinum active ingredients, a global chemical company commissioned Lehmann Engineering GmbH with the construction of a new multipurpose plant. Goal was the expansion of the respective production and a GMP-compliant documentation


Task was the automation of important functions such as heating, cooling and inerting as well as the generation of a pressure build-up. The focus was on the clear implementation of the system approach and the structured programming according to ISA-S88. The implementation of an entire system should further reduce the workload and promote the concentration on core competencies.


From the Electrical engineering, Automation and Programming of the entire plant via the Basic and detail planning, Site management up to the mentoring of the Commissioning, Lehmann Engineering GmbH was responsible for the entire planning process. The new construction of the Multipurpose plant means higher economic effectiveness and increased efficiency for the chemical company. Furthermore, the high degree of automation makes the work easier and more secure.

4 reactors of 200 to 1,000 litres each
2.5 Million Euros
1.5 years